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Hello: I was on the acquisition advisory team for a multiple well know companies that are very successful today because key success factors in the deals were verified before the transactions. Later I was the responsible for buying more than 20 of varying sizes. Each one was a success because of key success factors for the transactions were verified before the close and part of the buy/sell agreement. I purchased my own business with eight locations and more than 300 employers. Again a successful transaction because each of the key success factors were verified and part of the buy/sell agreement.

I have consulted with business owners after the purchase of numerous companies with mixed results. In one case, the what was uncovered after the purchase was so negative the only recourse was to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In several other cases, the problems were severe and substantially affected the time required to achieve profit projections.

Buying a company regardless of size is can be an exhilarating experience or a nightmare.

This Report Will Help You Avoid A Nightmare And Specifically All of The Following:

  • Buyer's Remorse - One morning you wake up and you know deep inside you should have not done this deal.
  • Paying Too Much  - There is no other way to say overpaid for the business. 
  • Negative Surprises - While it is common for you to learn new things about the business after you have purchased it, what you don't is a surprise that costs you a lot of money or derails your business plan. Inside the report you will read testimonials of real life horror stories. 
  • Loss of Key Customers - One by one they start to drop off and nothing you are doing is stopping the drain. 
  • Loss of Key Employees - Each one said they would stay, but now they are leaving one by one and your customer service is beginning to suffer.


This Is Not A How To Buy A Business Manual Or Course. This Report Details Many Of The Key Issues You Must Address In Your Due Diligence. This Is Not A Representation That All Items Required In A Buy/Sell Agreement Are Included In This Report. This Report Has Many, But Likely Not All,  Deal Breaker Points That Should Be Covered In The Buy/Sell Agreement. It Is Your Responsibility To Make Certain They Are!

It doesn't matter what kind of business you are buying, in what state how large or how small. This report will protect your interests in the deal. If the seller does not want to negotiate on any of these applicable key points, they should be considered deal breakers. Walk away, as there will always be another business to buy.

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