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The Profit System

This is our flagship program.  The key to success is to have a clear understanding of your business potential and the pressure points that seem to be persistent. Once defined, we work with you and your team  to fine tune the information, processes and procedures that are important on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When consistently followed,  the primary objectives of the project are achieved and most often include improving all functional areas of the business.  Revenue increases, profit increases, asset management improves, there is clear definition of accountability for performance and there are actually less demands on your time.


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Specialized Services


Revenue Building Programs:

Nearly every client needs help in the area of marketing programs.  Services include: Internet Promotion using on line advertising, blogs, web site design redesign, direct mail campaigns, sales staff results improvement, business collateral design and redesign, Yellow Book placement and more.


System Needs Analysis

Recognizing the benefit of upgraded hardware and software should lead to a very specific needs analysis as a basis for qualifying solution providers. International Resources has significant experience leading companies through this very important process.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Due diligence, valuation assistance, contract negotiations and documentation, identifying acquisition targets or potential buyers are included in the scope of services offered in the area of M&A.


Business Turnarounds

 If you are worried about mounting bills, diminishing cash flow; if you are thinking you may need to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection , please call me Steve Pohlit, 727-587-7871 immediately since time is of the essence particularly if you have been consulting with attornies about bankruptcy.


Recruiting and Staffing

The key to successful recruiting, particularly if you use a third party is having a excellent job description and a professional who has a very good understanding of your business needs and culture.  We offer temporary and permanent placement of  executives and managers. Temporary or part-time CFO/controller functions is common. We are also an excellent resource to assist you in outsourcing services which has become very popular considering the total cost of a full time employee.. It is common for us to assist in this process during a consulting project as often times there needs to be an addition or enhancement of business staffing.  Recruiting and staffing is a bonus with you work with International Resources as since the fee you would normally pay for a recruiter is being invested in a consulting project that is improving your profits.


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