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Just Released: Powerful FREE Report: Top Ten Steps To Make More Money With Your Business Now And Long Term

June 3rd, 2008 steve No comments

Just launched… the exact road map I have used in working with hundreds of business owners and managers and guiding their business to making tons of money.


I am sick of it and you should be too. I am hearing the increasing chatter from company owners moaning about the economy, the value of the dollar, employees wanting more money to pay for gas. These and all the other doom and gloom comments and reports are all just lame excuses.


One of my clients said to me just this morning “Steve I hear all the noise about the economy but you know I am booked through August” This is a business whose 20 year history shows a distinct slow down in the summer months. Well my friend decided not to buy that plan this year and his business is booming.


I hear complaints about tight money and the value of the dollar. When I purchased a chain of retail stores in the 90′s I paid an effective interest rate of 21% to get that deal done. Can you imagine an effective rate of 21% Guess what? All turned out fine.


Did you ever have an entire business stolen? That happened to me. True story and it was a company where I had invested a lot of personal funds – a lot.


I can tell you about business success and failures all day and all night. The real value in these experiences is in how I have molded them into action steps that will help your business make a lot more money.


 Click Here to access the report. If you have any questions please visit the site I have set up for questions which is Ask The Consultant


Sending all readers the energy of health, peace and prosperity.


Steve Pohlit


Steve is the President of International Business Consulting Resources. His firm specializes in guiding companies to rapid increases in revenue and profits with a sustainable growth rate. I am building my practice and welcome new client inquiries. Call me for a fee consultation at 727-587-7871 Remember many of my business building articles can be found at Steve Reports and my prosperity building tool is The Prosperity Tool Chest