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International Resources Inc. Launches Expert Business Consulting Services In Tampa Bay and Las Vegas

May 7th, 2008 steve No comments

IR Consulting, Inc., the legal entity of International Business Consulting Resources, today announced the launch of its new corporate headquarters and the first Satellite office which are base anchors for bringing the firm’s extensive experience guiding companies to achieve their profit potential to businesses worldwide.

Steve Pohlit, President stated ” I have been working behind the scenes for more than 10 years testing and perfecting a process that, when followed, develops profit driving momentum for the long term. In addition, the guidance provided by the firm, restores the confidence and pride in the people running and working in the business.

I have worked with companies who seem to be at the top of their game and yet they were not even close. I have also worked with companies that appeared to be on the path of self destruction. In nearly every case, it is not the economy, the competition, the quality of the employees or any other external factors. The difference between outrageous success and mediocre performance or even failure is two things:


1. the mindset of the leadership and


2. an easy to follow disciplined system.


That’s it!!


I have assembled the best of the best ready to help companies all over the globe. Some have graduated with honors from the top B schools around the globe. Most importantly they have the hands on experience so each of these consultants can look you in the eye and say ” I have been there so let me help you with how we work through this”.


My home is in Tampa Bay and almost always I have worked with companies outside this market. International Business Consulting Resources is here to make a difference in the Tampa Bay market and while we are doing, that we recognize or expertise is needed by companies  worldwide .


We are all connected. I love my community I also am on the path of leading a firm that is ready to respond where our skill sets are needed the most and wanted the most.”


Steve Pohlit, President
IR Consulting, Inc.


“The Best Resources To Guide Your Business To Extraordinary Performance Long Term”


“Our Business Is To Help Your Business”


” No Reports….Just Results”